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The Montana Enduro Series is the brainchild of the Montana Bicycle Guild. The whole thing grew from a conversation on a cold night in November, 2013, in Helena, Montana. We realized that we wanted to see an enduro series in our part of the world and that nobody was doing it. After that conversation and a couple phone calls, there was a team that consisted of a geologist, a bike shop owner, a physical therapist, a couple lawyers, a marketing guy, a plumber, and some engineers.

Then, pretty much exactly like the Power Rangers, we assembled and started doing stuff. Planning, plotting, scheming, and getting the boulder rolling. A couple months later we had bylaws, a conflict of interest policy, and a board of directors. A few amazing sponsors jumped in on the action and we got some permits approved. All of a sudden the 2014 Montana Enduro Series happend. Those four races in 2014 led to the crowning of the first ever Montana Enduro Series Champions.

Now that we’re in our third year, we’re badder, faster, and leaner than ever before. The Montana Bicycle Guild’s purpose is to promote Montana’s bicycle racing scene and bicycle community. We also work tirelessly to produce Montana’s and the Rocky Mountain’s premier enduro race series, the Montana Enduro Series.  We are even a bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We’ve even got a fancy letter from the IRS to prove it.

It’s not really about us. It’s about making biking better. None of us get paid for the long hours of work making all of this happen. The perks consist of having a great place to hang out (Thanks, Dan!) and an awesome network of riding buddies. Everything that comes into the MBG stays with the MBG to do more cool bike stuff in Montana.

So why do we do it?  We love riding bikes.  Simple as that.

Think that’s cool and want to get involved? Have an idea that you think we should take a look at? Wanna learn all about what it takes to put on a world-class enduro series? Want to learn more about us or just say hi? Drop us a line at contact@montanaenduro.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Think that’s really cool and want to sponsor the MBG or the Montana Enduro Series or get some more detailed information about us and our organization?  Shoot an email to contact@montanaenduro.com.