Helenduro is celebrating its 10th birthday.




Not to brag, but if the party is anything like the last 9 years you will not be disappointed.  Now we’ll brag:  As one of the OG enduro races in North America, the Helenduro, aka the original enduro, has grown to be the most exciting enduro in the Rorthern Rockies.  The little Helenduro has grown exponentially over the years to rockstar status, but we’ve worked our butts off to kept its grassroots feel.

Helenduro is capped at 100 riders.  We sell out rather quickly because the focus is on a quality rider experience.  It’s a race that could take on more racers, but the sacrifice of losing the homegrown Helena experience isn’t worth the change.

The 10th anniversary of the Helenduro will reach back in time to stages and ridges that will bring back good memories if you’ve ridden in the Helena area.  If you haven’t ridden in the Helena, you’re going to be surprised by the flow and terrain of what the queen city has to offer!  And if you are a seasoned local, hold onto your butts, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.