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We get quite a few questions about the Montana Enduro Series. We thought we’d take the time to try and answer some of the more frequently asked questions in one place to make it easier for everyone. Have another question that’s not one of our frequently asked questions? Drop us a line: contact@montanaenduro.com

How does the wait lists work for races?  It’s pretty much like flying standby: get yourself on the wait list and show up to registration the morning of the race. We’ll have a copy of the wait list with everyone who signed up, or you can get your name on it then. After everyone has checked in, we’ll let you know if a spot is available. If that’s the case, you’ll be in. If not, just grab your vuvuzela, some friends, and get to heckling the racers!

Can I get a trail map of the [insert race here] course?  We don’t release any maps of the courses until a couple days before the race. Why? Well, if everyone knew the course before the race, the locals would be able to session it and would have an advantage. Our method keeps everyone on equal footing.

How much do races cost? $70 for one-day events, $100 for 2-day events, and the North American Enduro Cup is $140.  We get it: not everyone can drop $200+ per day to enter a race. We do everything we can to keep the entry fees down and still deliver a world-class enduro race series. All of the race fees go back into the race series, and our sponsors cover the rest.

Do I have to race all of the races? Nope. You can race one or all of the races. In order to be in contention for the MES Championships, you’ve gotta make at least three of the five races. We take your top three finishes and use that to determine your overall points for the series.

When will you have a race in [insert a place here]?  When you let us know that you’d like to see a race there! Seriously – drop us a line at contact@montanaenduro.com and we’ll get the conversation started. There’s a few things that need to happen, but we’re always looking to discover new venues.