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Curious about what categories we’ve got this year?  We simplified things a bit to make it easier to register and more competitive racing for everyone!

Please note that the NAEC will have more categories and some very specific categories since it’s a big race and an EWS Qualifier.  Registration for that event will be separate and specific.  Don’t sweat it, though.  You’ll earn points towards the MES by competing at the NAEC.

There are license requirements for the MES!

Pro – Pro riders are the elite athletes of the sport.  They are able to ride any terrain they encounter and regularly compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Expert – Expert riders are comfortable with steep and loose terrain and technical rock gardens. They are able to ride most trail features without hesitation, but occasionally take an alternate line around large trail features. They are able to complete a 10+ mile trail rides.

Sport – Sport riders can ride technical terrain and are comfortable at cornering. A sport rider can ride most trails but will often take an alternate line or walk around jumps or drops on a trail. They are able to complete a 5 mile trail ride and may or may not have raced in the past.

Junior – Everyone under 18!  It’s not your birthday on any given day that matters, it’s your age on December 31, 2017 that matters.  If you’re not 18 at the end of 2017, you can compete in Junior.

Masters – Ages 40 and up!  It’s not your birthday on any given day that matters, it’s your age on December 31, 2017 that matters.  If you’re 40 at the end of 2017, you should compete in Masters (note:  you don’t have to).

Registration is open!

Click Here to Register for the 2017 Montana Enduro Series!

Important Note:  Our registration partners for 2017, CCN Bikes, is based out of Vancouver, B.C.  As in British Columbia.  That’s a place in Canada.  If your credit card company doesn’t automatically authorize purchases you make in Canada, or if you’re having credit card issues during registration, a quick call to your credit card company will probably remedy the problem!

Single race registration:  $70 (one day event) – $100 (two day event)

MES Season Pass:  $250!  This gets you all four regular MES races included!

MES Junior Season Pass:  $200!  Get all the groms out racing!  All four regular MES races included!

Season pass discounts are automatically applied when you register for all four events!  You gotta register for all four events at once for the discount to apply!

NAEC: $140

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