The MES will make its second stop at the Rossignol Ranch in Lolo, Montana. The Ranch also played host the Lolo 12 Hour Race, but it’s never seen the likes of an enduro race. What does this mean? It means we’re getting back to the roots of enduro: Everyone will be racing on new trails.

Montana Enduro Series 2017: Loloduro on

Our gracious hosts are mountain bikers and trail builders, and everything out there is their personal backyard that they’re making available for this race. Because the event is on private land, please be extra courteous and respectful of the guildelines provided here.

Lolo Peak Brewing is about 2 blocks away from the race HQ/base area and will be a hopping place to be! They’re at 6201 Brewery Way, Lolo, MT 59847. You can check out their beverage and food menu at



The Rossignol Ranch, Lolo, Montana.

GPS: 46.769794, -114.091155



Camping is free at the venue on Saturday night. Bring a tent or small camper and hang out with us. We will have a designated area for camping; please no wandering off on your own. Porta-potties will be provided and there is city water available onsite. We will have one central fire; no other fires are permitted. However, feel free to bring your BBQ and camp stoves!



Saturday 6/3:

8:00 AM: course open for practice (bike only; no shuttles).

Evening: pre-race social around the central fire


Sunday 6/4 (Race Day):

7:00 AM: racer check-in at base area

8:45 AM: racer meeting (MANDATORY)

9:00 AM: race start

3:00 PM: course closed

4:00 PM: awards at base area



Stage 1: This first stage is the most recent addition to the Ranch. This stage drops 380 feet over 0.72 miles. This trail has a lot of flow and a handful of switchbacks to keep your speed in check. Transfer back up the mellow fireroad to the top of Stage 2.

Stage 2: The second stage is the longest of the day. It will likely see some land speed records broken, but you’ll have to earn the quick times as there is a lot of pedaling in the top half. Stage 2 drops 735 feet over 1.6 miles. The bottom half is a combination of flow and more flow, with a big, steep, straight finish. Transfer back up the trail to the main junction, then back up the road to Stage 3.

Stage 3: This stage is enduro, pure and simple. It’s the shortest stage of the day, but it is also going to be the most intense. Steep, raw, and completely new. Literally, the first riders down this stage will be the first riders ever down this gully. Stage 3 is a 20% screamer, dropping 330 feet in 0.3 miles. Where there’s tape, stay between the tape, but other than that, hold on for the ride! Transfer back up is the same as Stage 2 to the main junction and onto Sound of Meadow. All von Trapp songs and dance references or reenactments will earn gold stars.

Stage 4: The Sound of Meadow from Cadillac Knob is Stage 4. This is the second-longest stage of the day, and will really test your tires – there are a couple turns that will test your ability to withstand g-forces. Stage 4 drops 860 feet over 1.7 miles.Transfer back up the singletrack to the start of the final stage.

Stage 5: Starting from the high point and traveling down the gully, this stage will be a high-speed adventure. Stage 5 drops 310 feet in 1.1 miles. You’ll have a short climb then be into the main meadow and down to the finish line.

As always, our course is published on (No geoPDF this year; Avenza now charges $30/year for the ability to load your own PDFs.) I recommend downloading the Trailforks mobile app to navigate during practice. The app has a tab for “My Routes;” if you add the route to your wishlist in a browser, it will show up as one of your routes in the app. Alternately, you can search for “Loloduro” and find the route that way. Here’s the link:


New Timing System!

On the off chance you missed out on the Helenduro, the MES has gone fully touchless this season. You will be riding at full speed through the gates. While this means that you’re no longer responsible for your timing punches at the start and finish of each stage, you are responsible for following our procedures for checking in and heading out to the course. We need this in order to make sure that everyone’s timing chip is switched on and activated. With the length of the course and a sold-out event, we will be starting on timed intervals this year. We are still allowing self-seeding so that friends can chase each other and transfer together, but we strongly recommend that Pro, Expert and sporty Sport riders make sure to be towards the front.