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That’s right, your brake rotors hadn’t even cooled off after The Last Stand and we were already well into the planning phase of the 2016 Montana Enduro Series.

We promised bigger and better for 2015 and we delivered: Six races, thousands of people and about $25,000 in gear and swag that we gave away to you, our competitors. That’s not even considering how awesome those fanny packs made y’all look.

For the 2016 Montana Enduro Series, we’re upping our game and getting more refined. After 2 years of doing this, we’ve made some great friends that we’ll be back to see in 2016. We’re going to be making some new ones in 2016, too.  We’ve incorporated a bonus race into the series that also serves to crown the champions of North America.  We’ll be racing on courses that have never been a part of the MES in the past. We’re gunning for more and bigger prizes for our competitors, more industry connections, and to make each event a weekend destination instead of just a race.

Got an idea that you think we should do? Drop us a line! contact@montanaenduro.com